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April  24  -  What a great start ... The fish have arrived ...  First the shad started biting this past week.  Then the short stripers came in really heavy at night, under the lights.  About two hundred shorts were caught on Sunday and Monday nights on spec rigs.  And, the first keeper flounder of the year was also caught on Monday. 
April  29  -  Bear reports quite a variety of fish caught this past week on the Pier:  In the daytime ... shad , a few blues , some short stripers, couple of puffers, skates, horseshoe crabs, flounder, and tautog (including the first keeper!).  At night ... flounder, shad, a few blues, short stripers, skates, horseshoe crabs ... even catching a few bunker!
May  5  -  The first of the BIG BLUEFISH have arrived.  Two 34" blues were caught on Thursday, and 5 more on Saturday, along with a few smaller blues.   Still catching shad and short stripers in the daytime and at night on spec rigs.  Also, the first trout of the season was caught on Friday.  And, of course, still plenty of skates and horseshoe crabs.
May  12  -  A few more BIG BLUEFISH, but not yet like it was last year.... still waiting and hoping!   We're also still catching stripers, and some are getting a lot bigger like the one caught today by Kelsey from Pennsylvania.     And, of course, still plenty of shad, skates and horseshoe crabs.
May  17  -  More Blues, some big ... some smaller.  More keeper flounder.  More short stripers.  And, yup .... more shad, skates and horseshoe crabs.  Family fun for everyone! (Check out our Memorable Catches Page!)
May  25  - Bear reports more of the same .... shad, blues, stripers, tautog, and flounder.  Should make for an exciting holiday weekend.  Come on Down!
June  4  -  Fishing last week was a bit slower.  Plenty of shad caught earlier in the week, with a few small bluefish, short stripers and an occasional flounder.  There were also schools of cownose rays circling the Pier; only a couple actually caught..  However, after the storm yesterday, fishing is picking up today with flounder and triggerfish biting on gulp and fishbites.
June  14  -  Bear reports catches this week of tautog, flounder, stripers, sea bass, puffers, triggerfish and skates.

Come On Down !

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